Our Brand Story


Dominant Logo - The Meaning Behind

Orange Circle

The circle symbolizes the unity and cooperative spirits among our workforce to bring the company to greater heights. The orange coloured circle also symbolizes a rising sun that identifies with the company's rapid growth and market expansion throughout the entire world.


3 Green Leaves

The three growing green leaves represent the importance that the continuous cultivation of our people's knowledge and skill had had on the advancements and success of the company. The green colour also demonstrates the priority that we place on a greener world as we continue to promote the use of environmentally friendly products.


Overall Meaning

When taken together, the orange circle and green enveloping arrows also respectively represents the yellow pea seed and green pea pod that had proven to be the dominant traits in Gregor Mendel's genetic experiments in the 1860s. As such, the logo also symbolizes the emphasis that the company places on ensuring that only the best corporate traits would be passed down over the years and remain in our dominant genes.