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The desire to live as close to nature as possible is a growing trend. Hence, PREMIERWOOD is ready to provide an assortment of wall panellings in different designs such as oak, wallnut, beech, ash and maple to the growing demand of today's customers. We offer you a wide range of products in different colors to fulfill all tastes and preferences.

Our wall and ceiling panelling series, known as PREMWALL, not only give the home a natural feel but also makes it look cosy and classy. It is lightweight and easy to install. PREMWALL offers you an attractive and convenient solution for furnishing or renovating your home, office or commercial premises.

To complement this latest trend, a range of accessories which include Wall Edging, Quadrant, Architrave, Skirting, Cornice, Internal External Corner Guard, Flat Board and Scotia, are also available to enhance your home furnishing and ambience.

We also provide additional services such as original equipment manufacturing, special packaging and bar-coding according to our customers requirements.

Wall Panel  

Architrave Cornice
Edging Flat Board (9 x 60)
Flat Board (9 x 100) Scotia
Internal / External Corner Guard Torus
Wall Edging  

Skirting Profiles

LambsTongue(H)-18x100(mm) Skirting(Batu1895)-18x95(mm) Skirting(JB)-12x85(mm)
Skirting(Kota)-18x80(mm) Skirting(Molek)-15x90(mm) Skirting(Paintable)-12x80(mm)
Skirting(Premier)-15x92(mm) Torus-15x70(mm)  


ArchitraveEdging-25x57(mm) ArchitraveSkirting-9x50(mm) Beading-14.9x28.3
Cornice-12x73(mm) Int.ExtCornerGuard-6x48(mm) Quadrant-15x27(mm)
Scotia-12x36(mm) WallEdging-25x57(mm) WallPanel(Groove)-8x160(mm)