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PREMWALL - the ceilings and wall panellings system designed to add exquisite style to your home or workplace. With PREMWALL, do-it-yourself has never been easier. And the result - pure professional elegance. The First uses panel-clip and nails to secure panels to timber frames. The second method does not require battens and involves screws instead of nails.
  The Batten, Clip & Nail Method The Clip & Screw Method  

Before Begin:
i) PREMWALL tongue and groove panels. (Example 1)
ii) Mouldings. To calculate your moulding needs, increase the length of each surface to the next highest foot, as shown below, before adding them together. When mitering, remember to calculate by using the outside edge of the surface. (Example 2)
iii) Properly kiln-dried timber battens of any medium or hard wood, approximately 50mm wide by 25mm thick.
iv) Zine-galvanized panel-clip for the panels and plastic runners for the moulding.
v) Suitable nails or screws.
vi) Two strips of wood 8 to 10mm in thickness.
vii) One small panel block.
viii) Other common tools:
Measurement tape, level, hammer and nail set, rubber mallet, power/hand saw, carpenter's square, drill and eye goggles.
ix) To ensure professional-quality results, it's important that 48 hours before installation, remove the panels from their package and leave them out in the room where the panels will be installed. This necessary to acclimatize the panels.
x) Ceilings and walls must be completely dry.

Example 1 Example 2
To Calculate How Many PREMWALL You'll Need

  • (A) Measure total surface area, Height X Width in meter
  • (B) Measure total area of all space not to be covered (doors, etc.)
  • (C) Subtract (B) from (A)
  • (D) Add 10% Waste factor (C x 1.1)

This is total calculated quantities that you will need to complete your project, allowing waste of 10%